Science Festivals

With increasing public interest in science, and increasing concern within the sciences to engage more effectively with the public, every year we see more science festivals. Here we aim to tell you about just a few.

Every year, the BSA nationally promotes British Science Week (for more details click HERE).  Here in Cornwall we have such events as Exeter University’s Science in the Square (HERE), as part of the Falmouth Spring Festival, the Flagon of Science series – nightly science talks in local pubs – and the Philosopher’s Hat (HERE).

Science groups may be involved in other events, such as the Fun Palaces (HERE), and the Philosophy in Pubs network (HERE) has a local group, at Krowji in Redruth. (Please let us know if you know of more…)

CSC itself is planning two events this coming year, 2020.

The first, in summer, is to be a citizen science week focussed on wildlife in our towns, and the need to respect and preserve wild areas. (See more on Buglife and Urban Buzz Cornwall HERE)

In the autumn of 2020, we shall see the Resonance Festival – showcasing the sciences of sound, and exploring what sound means to us, the human and all the other creatures on this fascinating, fragile planet.

We have a whole page, and more, on Resonance, HERE.