Below, you can see details for an event originally planned, but now postponed due to obvious reasons.

Resonance is a festival which we are planning, for the autumn of 2020, showcasing the sciences of sound, and all that it means – to us, as people, and to other creatures on this fascinating, fragile planet.

resonance shattering

A week of citizen science activities culminates in a weekend of activities, across Cornwall, centred on the Polytechnic in Falmouth.
Currently confirmed, but with the full details still in planning stages, are:

  • Speech therapy
  • Plugging in to brainwaves for making music
  • Echo-location in bats and humans
  • Sound pollution of our oceans
  • Creating the acoustics of the Hall for Cornwall
  • Birdsong
  • The Periodic Table as a musical instrument
  • Bioacoustics of coral reefs
  • How natural sounds impact our health
  • and many more……..