Below, you can see details for an event originally planned for the autumn 2020, but now postponed due to obvious reasons. But even when locked down, and not knowing when that phase will end, we will get back to work on planning this, as soon as we have more immediate priorities – such as the Virtual Cafe Sci (HERE) – well established.

Resonance is to be a festival showcasing the sciences of sound, and all that sound means – to us, as people, and to other creatures on this fascinating, fragile planet.

resonance shattering

A week of citizen science activities was to/will culminate in a weekend of activities, across Cornwall, centred on the Polytechnic in Falmouth.
Currently confirmed, but with the full details still in planning stages, are:

  • Speech therapy
  • Plugging in to brainwaves for making music
  • Echo-location in bats and humans
  • Sound pollution of our oceans
  • Creating the acoustics of the Hall for Cornwall
  • Birdsong
  • The Periodic Table as a musical instrument
  • Bioacoustics of coral reefs
  • How natural sounds impact our health
  • and many more……..