If you enjoy the work we are doing, please consider supporting us by becoming a member of Cornwall Science community. Becoming a member-driven organisation is an exciting step for us, and as such it is an ideal time-point to join!

Please note that we are a not-for-profit organisation, and all funds go towards the upkeep of our organisation (web hosting) and towards outreach events.

Individual membership:

Purchasing an individual membership by clicking above will require creation of a account. If you wish to purchase a membership by other means (e.g. standard bank transfer, PayPal), please get in touch directly. This also saves us a transaction fee.

Benefits of membership include member-only social meetings, eligibility to vote and stand for committee positions in our annual general meeting, and the opportunity to get a look behind the scenes by sitting in on committee meetings and member meetings. Most importantly, you will gain the satisfaction of being an active contributor to science for the public of Cornwall! 

Our membership is priced at £10 / calendar year (student & unwaged rate: £5 / year).

Find more details at the bottom of the page, or please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Organisational membership:

In our first year of being a membership organisation, we are offering a heavily discounted membership rate for organisations. Benefits of becoming a member include guaranteed access to virtual (or physical) cafe sci talks, with the option of hosting a speaker for up to 2 talks per year. Additionally, we will advertise you and your events in our newsletters and on our website.

Our membership is priced at £25 / calendar year. As we are becoming more established, we will discuss with you which membership model and rate benefits you and your organisation the most once the first year ends.

If you are interested in becoming an organisational member, please get in touch.

The fine print:

Individual Membership

Price: £10/year (£5/year student and unwaged). Membership is valid throughout the calendar year purchased. 

Member benefits include:

  • Invitation to sit in on monthly committee meetings.
  • Eligibility for election to committee in Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Eligibility for voting in Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Eligibility for “concession” rates at all paid events Cornwall Science Community organises. (please note that, for now, plans for all such in-person events are on hold)
  • Invitation to member-only social meetings.
  • And more to be confirmed… 

Membership fees:

  • We are a volunteer driven not-for-profit community group. All funds raised through membership fees will be put straight back into Cornwall Science Community.
  • At minimum, our annual costs are £230 (with an ambition of spending at least £600/year once in-person events resume), so we believe a £10/year membership is fairly priced to give members the best benefit, and us the best opportunity for keeping Cornwall Science Community running and growing.
  • Membership funds are not intended to be our main source of income. We are currently supported by various grants and will continue seeking further grant funding in future.

Organisational membership

Please note that, as we are first becoming a membership-driven organisation, we are very flexible in terms of what organisational membership will entail. Therefore, we are offering a heavily discounted first-year rate in the hopes of having discussions with you how to develop or organisational membership models for you and us to get the best benefits.

Price: £25/year for the first year, £100/year thereafter – with an option to discuss which model suits the particular organisation the best.

Member benefits include:

  • Guaranteed access to talks: Host a speaker for up to 2 talks per year.
  • Events to be advertised in monthly newsletter.
  • Discussions with the committee on how else we can act as a localised promotional group to access a niche audience.
  • A say in full rates and membership benefits with a consultation well before membership renewal is due.