About Us

The Cornwall Science Community was originally established in 2016 as a branch of the BSA,  with just a few postgraduate students from the University of Exeter and a handful of local business and science-related groups, such as the Falmouth Polytechnic, Fo.am, Cornwall College, the Royal Society for Chemistry, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and the Falmouth Café Scientifique.

In early 2019, the BSA announced that it was discontinuing its local branch structure, but encouraging those groups that wanted to continue to set themselves up as autonomous associations; which we did decide to do.  Hence the change of name.

From 2019, with a whole new committee and as an independent organisation, we are now in a position to start to grow, reach out and make connections with other groups and societies, from schools to the Chamber of Commerce, Eden to Goonhilly.

Cornwall Science Community is open to all with an interest in science, in science communication, citizen science, and cross-sector collaborations.  You can sign up simply to be kept informed, via the mailing list; or to get more actively involved in making things happen.

The aims of Cornwall Science Community are:

  • to promote science as a part of culture and society to the people of Cornwall
  • to establish collaborative relationships with other science- or knowledge-based groups and institutions working in Cornwall
  • to establish relationships with local community groups in order to promote science as accessible for all
  • to increase the number of people who are actively engaged and involved in science in Cornwall.