The Cafe Scientifique, Falmouth


With the creation of Cornwall BSA branch, in 2015, it was agreed that the branch incorporates the ‘Cafe Scientifique’ in Falmouth. During the restructuring into the Cornwall Science Community, over 2019, there was a short hiatus with the Falmouth’s Cafe Scientifique to make time for more talks in planning for the end of the year.

The current thinking however is that, whilst its true that most Cafe Sci’s are based in one town or city, the Cafe Sci is essentially a format, not an organisation. As a model for a discussion, it is one that can ‘travel’. So for the future, we propose to run evenings not just in Falmouth, but in other venues across the Duchy.

(Please Note that the Cafe Sci in Redruth is now closed; and the Cafe in Launceston, like Cafe Sci’s elsewhere, is quite autonomous.)


For the return of the Cafe Sci to Falmouth, we nevertheless have two talks planned for the autumn of 2019.

Battling Superbugs

In October, three PhD students from Exeter will be describing their work on anti-biotic resistance and gene editing.

The splice of life.

In November, Lorna Harries will be talking on cellular regeneration; new ideas on the fine tuning of gene expression, for rejuvenation.

For more details on each, go to the Falmouth Cafe Sci Home page, HERE