The Committee

We run a range of events as broad and diverse as our members; from free talks on all things science (Cafe Sci) to science walks around the county.

Ben Toulson

Co-chair / Network Engagement

Ben works at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus, supporting student placements in a range of disciplines and organisations across the Duchy. Ben is hoping to utilise his extensive network and data skills to help us map – literally as well as figuratively – all science and knowledge-related societies, organisations and groups that we hope to work with. That’s quite some task.

David Walker-Sünderhauf

Co-chair / Secretary

David researches antibiotic resistance as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Exeter, Penryn. Before coming to Cornwall, he spent four years in Scotland. Apart from volunteering for CSC, he loves exploring Cornwall in his spare time. You can also find David on the University webpages or on Twitter.

Robin Johnson

Public Engagement Officer

Robin was a psychiatric social worker, then a specialist advisor on mental health and housing with the department of health and later a journal editor. Later he was a journal editor and a visiting fellow at several universities. Robin now runs the Café Scientifique discussions at the Falmouth Poly; plays saxophone; and is currently working on a book on a humanistic methodology of science.

Maria Lambert

Social Media Officer

Maria is an undergraduate BSc student passionate about science and enamoured by the multi-faceted wonders of Biology. Inordinately curious, and a strong advocate of inclusivity and accessible education, she hopes to remain dedicated to the persual and dissemination of knowledge, particularly within science, through various media. Believing understanding to be the bedrock of progression, she is involved, and hopes to continue in, outreach work.

Dr Roger Wood

Project Officer

Roger is a Senior Lecturer in Education, with scientific and teaching specialisms in nature conservation, marine biology, primatology, science education, and outdoor and inquiry-based learning. He has taught at three universities, and, formerly, acquired 23 years’ experience as a primary school teacher and headteacher. His scientific activities focus upon enhancing children’s engagement with science and nature conservation through practical initiatives, including Forest School, Beach School and Ocean Literacy. This has led to research which encompasses helping adults to develop their confidence with and enthusiasm for practical approaches to children’s scientific learning. His work has led to his election to a number of Fellowships, including the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Geographical Society, and the Linnean Society. Roger is a prolific author, having written six books to date, and is working on a further five books for publication in 2022 and 2023. One of these future books focuses upon the development of children’s science projects and scientific engagement in Cornwall. Formerly the Vice-Chairman of the Jane Goodall Institute UK (chimpanzee conservation), he is, in addition to being the CSC’s Project Officer, a member of the Royal Society of Biology Devon and Cornwall committee.

Meaghan Castledine


Meaghan is a PhD student at the University of Exeter where she researches how bacteria evolve during infections after they are treated with viruses (phage therapy). She is particularly passionate about the importance of evolution in modern society and that scientific research is made accessible for all.

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