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Fractals – Nature’s Beauty Hidden in Simple Mathematics

NB: Autumn 2018 season begins with Fractals, with Tariq Rashid, on October 17th, 7.45pm, at the Poly. But this is just the first in a whole season of Café Scientifique talks given. For the full programme, see the Falmouth Café Sci website.

October 17th 2018

7.45pm, in the Library Room at The Poly, Falmouth

For our first talk of the Autumn season we will be joined by Tariq Rashid. Nature has some of the most beautiful forms and intricate patterns – from the intriguing self-similarity of the humble cauliflower, to the impressive branching of lightning, from the gentle fluffiness of clouds to the architecture of the human vascular system.

It might surprise you that mathematics, even simple school mathematics, contains within it similar intricate forms, from regular self-similar to the hauntingly beautiful Mandelbrot forms.

In this talk, we’ll take a tour of these patterns, and see how even simple mathematics can craft intricate and even organic infinitely-detailed forms. Tariq Rashid runs the Algorithmic Art group; he has established a children’s code club (the coderdojo); and has just launched Data Science Cornwall for professionals and individuals interested in machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence.

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