Cafe Sci

Climate Crisis on our Doorstep?

Thursday, 20th April 2023 at 6pm. At the Poly, Falmouth or via Zoom. Buy your in-person tickets on the Poly website.

Marine plastic pollution is one of the most visible environmental problems of our time – but has it made us miss the elephant in the room?

Introducing hybrid café sci: Join us in-person at the Poly, Falmouth – or dial in on-the-day via Zoom (link will be circulated via our mailing list).

In-person tickets are £2.50 plus fees and Poly fund payment to cover the Poly’s expenses and can be purchased on their website.

Cornwall Science Community hosts a Café Sci event with Claire Wallerstein. Claire will be presenting her Cornwall Climate Care film: Under the Surface.

Claire spent many years running a Cornish beach cleaning group and campaigning about marine plastic.

However, over time she started to question whether the huge public focus on the very obvious issue of plastic pollution might mean we were failing to address a much bigger problem for the marine environment – climate change.

Claire Wallerstein set up and for eight years ran an extremely active Cornish beach cleaning and marine plastic campaigning charity, and was the co-founder of the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition.

She now works as the producer for the charity Cornwall Climate Care, which is making a series of 30-minute documentaries about various climate-related topics, aiming to inspire community conversations and action in Cornwall.

Her previous professional background was in print and radio journalism, reporting from South East Asia and South America for the Guardian and BBC World Service, among others. She was also a press officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and worked for many years as a translator in Spain.

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