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The Secrets of Ancient Trees

8th July 2020

Tim Kellet will talking to us about how a citizen science project revealed some of the secrets of the oldest trees in Cornwall.

About the talk

The values of ancient trees for biodiversity and culture. How a citizen science project reveals some of the secrets of the oldest trees in Cornwall.

The talk will show some of the special features of ancient and veteran trees and what they can reveal about our landscapes and culture. He will also talk about their protection and good management.

About our speaker

Tim Kellett is the chair of Cornwall regional group of the Ancient Tree Forum Ancient Tree Forum He is also the SW lead volunteer verifier for the Ancient Tree Inventory – Woodland Trust – a citizen science project run by the Woodland Trust.

2 thoughts on “The Secrets of Ancient Trees”

  1. Will Tim be mentioning HM Government’s Tree Strategy consultation and the Petition to Parliament concerning Ancient Trees, to which HMG has responded?

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